About The Downward Dork

Hello! My name is Sam and I am Canadian but have been living in the UK since 2006. I am a twenty-something girl still coming to terms with being out of university and working my first ‘adult’ job. I spend about eight hours a day behind a desk and fitting in time for exercise and healthy eating can sometimes slide quite low on my priority list. I started this blog in an effort to document my experience with my newest exercise ‘obsession’, yoga.

This blog will incorporate information about yoga – especially information for newbies like me – and things that I like or find interesting, like new recipes.

My Weight Loss and Eating Plan

In my second year of university, I lost about 20lbs by following Weight Watchers. After that, I counted calories but stopped losing weight. My body is happy where it is now, and for the most part so am I. My focus is now on weight maintenance and gaining strength and flexibility.

I do not follow a specific diet. I try to eat as many whole, natural foods as I can, and I try to avoid food that has ingredients in it that I can’t pronounce. I try to get protein in with every meal and snack and I like to eat regularly and often. I also like to (occasionally) spend a whole day’s worth of calories at Indian restaurants but that’s a bit beside the point. The recipes on this blog are not necessarily vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and so on. I do like to experiment with different styles of eating and cooking so I’m sure many of you will be savvy enough in the kitchen to make them suit your tastes and needs. 🙂


I was a bit leery of yoga at first because I thought it was a very spiritual, meditative form of exercise taken up by vegans (not that there is anything wrong with being vegan!) and hippies (or a hippie!). I was, of course, wrong, and I quickly discovered – thanks in part to a wonderful yoga studio – that I love yoga and it challenges me in ways other exercise never could. I do not accompany yoga with any form of meditation other than what comes up in class. I am not a spiritual person, and I like yoga for its physical and mental focus and relaxation. I believe everyone can get something out of practicing yoga.

I take a yoga class once a week at a local studio near my office. Recently I have signed up for a beginner’s foundation class in order to learn more about yoga and this means I will be practicing at the studio twice a week. I also try to get a home practice in as often as I can.

Other Exercise

I started running in spring 2010 and completed my first 5k on July 3 with a time of 37:20. I still like to run, and try to do so about twice a week. I hope to complete my next 5k in under 35 minutes.

I also weight train twice a week and am following a modified version of The New Rules of Lifting for Women as I work out at home and don’t own a lot of the equipment required.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Sam x


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